hickies and hairloss: grannies gone wild or a new parent…

I haven’t really done parenting posts. I realize that I have an eclectic following so I apologize if you are of the audience that doesn’t care for this and hope you’ll still enjoy my later entries on living in a winter wonderland or cancer or being in Japan. 

My daughter is almost 5 months old. She is teething (I think). She is certainly drooling constantly to the point of needing to change her shirts. She sucks everything. Have you ever experienced this with a small animal and thought it was charming? NOT CHARMING!




…ok. maybe a little charming. She didn’t do this until recently, but now she sucks everything and HARD. I am a breastfeeding mom, so she knows what a food source is and that it really only comes from one place. Even at the breast she sometimes misses and gives me a third nipple! 

She is also grabby. This is good. Her hand-eye coordination is coming along well. She can grip and pull a toy away from me well, almost too well. I feel like she understands my commands when I encourage tug-of-war. However, she engages when I haven’t encouraged and I often find her giggling with a tuft of my hair as I maneuver around her grasp to get her into a baby bath or car seat or stroller. My life is so different with a baby: more red and less rouge and a whole lot of scrappy hair!