What I got done while my daughter had a growth spurt

This is the second or third time that Fio has consistently taken daytime naps for more than 20 minutes at a time. Since she is not even 3 months old, I am still hoping that one of these times it will become a regular thing, but like her mother, she doesn’t want to miss anything and usually tries to be awake for most of the day: except when she has a growth spurt! This time she woke up for feedings and mostly slept or cried besides. 

So, I shoveled the path from the house, around the car, pushed snow off the car, built a bath to the oil tank (for heat) and around the back of the house. Next day I cleaned up our rooms, taking car of my things, my husband’s things and our daughter’s. I also did several loads of laundry. Next day, I painted the inside and outside of a new bathroom my husband built. The next day (today), I set up our wireless network for ourselves and guests using a Time Capsule base station and I helped my husband move wood into the shed for the boiler. IF she sleeps for 3-4 hours again tomorrow afternoon, I’m going to repaint the railings on the outside of the house. YAY!