Botox and attractiveness of twisted TV characters…


Topics are only related by TV itself, but I’m trying to post more thoughts in real time, so here you go! I watch a lot of TV on Demand and it seems that the same advertisers buy this streaming video ad space. Recently this means Viagra, Botox, and holiday shopping commercials mixed in with ads for other TV shows on the same network. Continue reading

Voices of our parents…


I think we all experience this whether our parent is living or dead, but it feels when they have passed away: like it’s normal and then you are reminded that they are gone and then it isn’t normal anymore. Suddenly it is a memory, past, finite, done. A voice and a laugh that you will only hear in your mind, in echoes, in dreams. It’s no longer a memory of them, yet it is only a memory of them. You feel as thought they may actually be there whispering, where you never thought or felt that way before. It’s very paradoxical and all the thoughts, emotion, moment happen in just a that… a moment.  Continue reading

Chicken Broccoli stir fry from memory…


Chicken Broccoli stir fry is one my mother made often and I always loved. It’s simple, but there are a lot of small ingredients to make it awesome. I love cooking like this. I never measure anything (even when I do have a recipe) and I love learning how different flavor a work together and what flavors are common together. Continue reading

Silence and Reflection: what’s been going on with me…

Crawfish Madarao view - summer

I haven’t written in months. To be honest, I thought it was longer and I vaguely remember writing what I wrote. It has been a difficult year and I haven’t wanted to write about it and everything not about it seemed wrong. Now things are improving, at least on the surface. Continue reading


I remember one time my sister and I got into a fight (or rather she was upset and I was not apologetic) about using her bath towel. We had bath towels that everyone used, but after using it one time, we would hang it by a hook by the shower. I usually didn’t pay attention to which one I had used only that I knew had a towel hanging there or not. Then I would use it 3 or 4 times before deciding I should have a fresh one. Personally I don’t care if I share a once used towel with someone I know so long as it was used on a clean body. My sister didn’t feel the same way and was especially disturbed that I could not honestly say how many times we had probably shared a towel (I wonder if she remembers this…)

Recently my husband asked me where my towel was and I said, “It was over there.” and he said, “no, that was my towel.” So I said, “oh, then I’ll use whatever one is left.” He was bothered that I did not specifically know which towel was mine which is funny since he is not bothered by much. I really didn’t know. So I asked about a blue towel and he was very disturbed because that is the towel that he uses to put on the floor outside the bathtub as a bathmat (especially since our baby splashes a lot). I thought since it was just washed, it doesn’t matter.

So I am starting to think it’s me, not them.

I wonder which way my daughter will lean? We share towels, spoons, food, and until recently, my body even!