Happy Anniversary

December 29th (Today in Japan) would have been my parents 43rd wedding anniversary and since they met on New Years Eve 7 years prior to their wedding, I can hear my father saying, “43 years married by 50 years together!”

They were both such a strong example of love and perseverance through good and bad and they survived plenty of struggles together. Their marriage intimidated many for his strength and commitment to their vows. I recall nearly being dumped by a boy after he met my parents: “too much pressure,” he said. Though I didn’t think that was reason enough to end a relationship, I do expect my partner to be as committed to our marriage as my parents were. I do believe that marriage is forever and learned that it is bond as strong as any bloodline. It is a new unit that two people build together and protect together. Sometimes it seems effortless. Sometimes it is a struggle to communicate and understand one other but at the heart of it is always respect and commitment.


RIP Mark Eugene Haggerty: April 20, 1948-March 24, 2014

RIP Linda Jean Haggerty: April 9, 1949-November 29, 2014

Happy Anniversary: December 29th, 1972

The only full date on their headstone is their wedding date. 🙂



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