My family and jetlag


When I travel, I almost always adjust within 24 hours. Partly because I don’t require sleep like normal humans, but mostly because I sleep on the clock of wherever I am and don’t allow naps or lie ins

My husband, on the other hand, takes at least 7 days to recover and he isn’t sure why. Here’s his jetlag and General sleep approach: if he’s tired, he sleeps. So on our last trip to Minnesota. He and our daughter were sleeping all day and up all night. Since we’ve been back to Japan, it’s the same only in the U.S., I wasn’t really sleeping at all and here in Tokyo, I’m sleeping at night, so now, my daughter is somewhere in between since she sleeps with me (at night) and her dad (during the day). Jake recently complained that he couldn’t sleep at night, but he proceeds to sleep all day and watch tv while sleepless at night. I tell him to read when he can’t sleep. He says reading is boring: bingo! And then you can sleep!

Since all 3 of us are up all day today, maybe he’ll flip. Regardless, I think I’ll keep our long distance family trips to a minimum.



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