Botox and attractiveness of twisted TV characters…


Topics are only related by TV itself, but I’m trying to post more thoughts in real time, so here you go! I watch a lot of TV on Demand and it seems that the same advertisers buy this streaming video ad space. Recently this means Viagra, Botox, and holiday shopping commercials mixed in with ads for other TV shows on the same network.
Now I know that it is common to trial a drug for one thing and then find it an effective drug for another thing, most of our anti-depressants share a common history, but the Botox one is funny and it really cracks me up that first commercial break will be for migraines and the second for wrinkles and then there’s a commercial for another Allergan drug for dry eye that can cause some serious side effects but your eyes will be moister. Moist! Someone in my life really hates that word:thinks in sounds dirty.

In other TV related commentary, I’m somehow disappointed in myself that I find James Spader so hot. He’s completely not the appearance I’m usually drawn to. I could claim residual brat pack love, but back then he was just a manipulative a-hole with no charm or deep seeded pain reasoning behind. At least as his hairline has receded and his mid drift bloated, he’s added this intelligence and charm to his a-hole, lone wolf roles. That’s was does it to me for Simon Baker (mentalist), but no woman needs an excuse to want Simon Baker – James Spader on the other hand… I’ll call it a quirk of mine.



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