Chicken Broccoli stir fry from memory…


Chicken Broccoli stir fry is one my mother made often and I always loved. It’s simple, but there are a lot of small ingredients to make it awesome. I love cooking like this. I never measure anything (even when I do have a recipe) and I love learning how different flavor a work together and what flavors are common together.
Thai food, for example, peppers, lemon grass, corriandor, lime, salt, fish sauce (which I once knew the ingredients of), other seafood and small meats – chicken or pork. Indian, on the other hand, is much more earthy: cinnamon, grand masala, nutmeg, cumin, cloves and lots of root vegetables.

Today I wanted chicken broccoli stir fry and I knew I could get most the ingredients from a small market. Aside from overcooking, I’d say I did OK. Not my best with a recipe, but not my worst either.

Fio certainly are it, Jake didn’t complain.




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