Naming humans

Like most neurotics who think about having kids (or not having kids, but maybe having kids, if…), I have thought about potential offspring names for many years; however, it is a different task when a child is actually on it’s way. Then you have to factor in the other half of its creation which was something you could only speculate before. While there were a lot names I had in mind before, none seemed fitting to a half Asian child (usually due to pronunciation issues) or fitting to my husband’s surname, my new name.

So we started thinking about lots of short, simply, international names. Well I did, my husband does not spend nearly as much time thinking about things as I do. I really seem to enjoy thinking…

While we had several finalists when our daughter was born, we chose a name that came to us after her birth. In this way, my husband has the advantage with not thinking so much, because he offered up a very unique and interesting name that I love. My concern is, will she love it? On her 3rd day of life, we were literally saying to each other,

“Either way, you choose.”

“No, I like both, too, you choose.”

“Ok, so it’s ****?”


“Really? It can be ***”

“OK! ***”

“Are you sure?”

What was so interesting to me is that the names embodied completely different images to me. I do believe that your name shapes you in some way, and not just if it is crazy or strange. So we were debating between an incredibly popular name and a unique name that only exists in nicknames and not so common at that. We chose the latter: Fio. I hope she loves it or learns to and that it shapes her in good ways and fits the shape she feels! The following graced my wall on Facebook:

A very universally unique name, for our international lady. We hope she likes it!! 

…so far she also goes by Super Chunk, Babe, Bubs, Tane-chan, Angel, Bendy, Beauty, and a few others, but Fio just kind of called out to us, and after much delineation on it’s uniqueness, we decided to embrace the calling! 

世界中でも珍しい名前なんですが、いろんな国の名前のニックネームです。「フィオ」というは「フィオナ」とか「フィオレ」とかのニックネームできるような名前です。「フィオ」だけの意味ないけどフールネームは「美しい」と「花」になります。今年世界中に「フィオ」に生まれる児は一人だけかもしれませんが、顔みると「フィオ」という名前はバッチリ似合うと思いました。大きくなっても自分も好きならいいね!Happy Birthday, FIO!

Miss Fio HosokuraHereby named FIO

Happy Birthday to us!

That’s all my husband put on his Facebook status with this photo. Our first child was born on August 22nd, 2013 at 6:40am and with her, my lifestyle, my mentality and my whole surrounding will change, again.


I live fast, I think fast and I never really stop. When consider my life so far and who I’ve been it seems that I’ve already lived several lives or at least several childhoods and several teens, and several college years, etc. I’ve been the shy, reserved one; the loud, outspoken one; the strange, perverse one; the Jesus freak; the stoner; the wild child; the free-spirt; super green; super cynic; vegetarian; cut-throat. One consistency is that I always wrote. At one point I had 7 journals all for different topics and audiences. I have one journal for my daughter, that is un-edited and un-censored just so I won’t become that “Mom” and I remember what being 16 was for me. It’s my longest journal since I wrote in it for 16 years. So when I took a job in Japan and came to the land of the rising sun, for the third time, I started a blog for family and friends. I wanted to have that connection so that people could keep up without needing to actually keep up. Since I had no idea if I would ever return, I thought that would be the easier way to let go. I named it mpls_tokyo for my home city and my new city. It still exists on livejournal ( and I considered continuing it instead of starting this new one, but the gap of 3 years is intimidating and I don’t want be begin that way. I did like the title though.

When my husband started a live music bar in Tokyo he asked me to write an English blog. I didn’t keep it up. Somehow it wasn’t inspiring to me and I was also working 7 days a week at the bar and keeping my day job; IT recruitment and contract services for International ERP projects and companies with ERP and Cloud needs (i.e. every company).  I thought about reviving that blog since my husband has a new business under the same name, but I didn’t want to commit to a topic yet and writing a blog under that business seemed unfair to the rest of my life and work.

When we got pregnant, I decided that I need to really step back from work. I am a workaholic. I give everything 110% and I usually take on several things. I don’t want my child to be another one of those things. I can ease into juggling her, I don’t want to throw her into what I’ve already committed. So I told my company I would take 6 months off after birth. However, as a busy bee and work-aholic, of course, I immediately started thinking of projects to fill the time: blogging. So with the birth of my daughter and a major shift from work-aholic to super mom. From late night drinking and entertaining to late night feeding. From advising companies on hiring and managing major IT projects to advising on (well prego and mommy stuff is messy, so I won’t say). As I start a long maternity leave and begin a very different lifestyle and mindset, I will also start a new blog. OH, and I forgot to mention, my husband who has lived in Tokyo his entire life running small shops and bars, decided to sell his successful live music bar in Tokyo and buy a fixer-upper on the top of a mountain to try his hand at running a lodge in a ski resort. So we are completely changing our lives with a child, why not change EVERYTHING?!

So I left Minneapolis, my first love and moved to Tokyo, a neurotic metropolis that I learned to love and now I commute between Tokyo and Madarao and Madarao is my main home for the winter and the majority of my maternity leave. From Minneapolis to Tokyo, Tokyo to Madarao and back. Happy Birthday to my new life, my new mindset, my new child, my husband’s new business and my new blog!

Minneapolis –> Tokyo <–Madarao