In preparation for my sugar detox next week.

I am supposed to sugar up my system in order to detoxify, right?! 

Mornings with a twin belly and toddler

Since growing two new lives in my belly is an exhausting endeavor and my daughter is prone to restless sleep, I sleep alone in our guest room with fans and an air conditioner on me. 
Every morning, around 8am, I’m greeting by this amazing tiny human… 


She usually comes in, babbles the most important news of the day in a combination of Japanese, English and jibberish. We interact briefly while I ask for a hug or try to confirm her news. She bores of me, turns and exits, mumbling “gu moring, bye bye” as she goes. 

I love my morning wake up call! :-)  

Cinderella and her umbrella

Fio loves the rain, her umbrella, and recently trying to fit into baby things that are way too small for her. I love this kid!


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The scariest day of my life

March 7th, Fio admitted with unending seizure. :-(

March 7th, Fio admitted with unending seizure, lying listless after a spinal tap :-(

The scariest day of my life to date, luckily, seems to have no long-term consequence. To be honest, I still struggle to distinguish parent to child love and protective feelings from any other deep love like sibling, child to parent, spouse or good friend. In a way, I did for the first time on Saturday morning when my daughter started convulsing in my lap.  Continue reading

Japanese New Year

As it is the first day of FEBRUARY, I thought it appropriate to finally talk about my new year!IMG_5601

As is the custom in Japan, I spent 2 hours on the 31st doing prep for New Year day food with my sister-in-law before returning to my house and watching television over soba noodles and retiring around 10:30pm. Continue reading

My family and jetlag


When I travel, I almost always adjust within 24 hours. Partly because I don’t require sleep like normal humans, but mostly because I sleep on the clock of wherever I am and don’t allow naps or lie ins Continue reading

Botox and attractiveness of twisted TV characters…


Topics are only related by TV itself, but I’m trying to post more thoughts in real time, so here you go! I watch a lot of TV on Demand and it seems that the same advertisers buy this streaming video ad space. Recently this means Viagra, Botox, and holiday shopping commercials mixed in with ads for other TV shows on the same network. Continue reading